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Day 107: Curling is Cool Day

First thought: is this about the sport or styling my hair? If it is about the sport, what will I do?

I have only watched curling once and I must admit, once I figured out what was going on it was pretty cool. Unfortunately, when I searched Twitter for Curling is Cool Day tweets I only found one. The tweet referred to an episode of the Disney television show A.N.T. Farm which aired on Curling is Cool Day with the following plot:

“Chyna scores in the genius range on the school I.Q. test and is chosen to represent Webster High in the Acadecathlon. However, when Olive receives a disappointing score, she befriends Paisley, who she believes must have a similar I.Q. Meanwhile, hoping to be excused from P.E., Lexi and Cameron train to compete in curling at the Olympics.”

Ironically, this episode (entitled “IntelligANT”) is the least watched episode of A.N.T. Farm in the show’s history. I am certain this stat has nothing to do with curling and the show itself must be popular since the episode’s wikia page had 112 comments!

In no way does any of this constitute a celebration, however it does mark the most time I have ever spent in pursuit of anything related to curling. Stay cool 🙂


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