Reviews for The Time Value of Life

What people are saying about The Time Value of Life…

“Maryland-based Tisa Silver, 31, (@tisasilver) has written a concise but insightful book entitled The Time Value of Life. She packs much wisdom about the nature of life and work into just 90 pages, along with several mathematical formulae to back up her assertions.”

“She then tackles the Time Value of Money and introduces variants of the concept I’ve not seen before, such as the book’s title: The Time Value of Life.”

“A chapter on Rate of Return shows how returns are directly proportional to risk: Higher risks usually mean higher returns and vice versa. This relates directly to the widely publicized investment scams we’ve seen the past two years on both sides of the border. Here Silver is again insightful: ‘If an opportunity offers a large reward and requires little or no investment, something is wrong.'”

Jonathan Chevreau
Author of “Findependence Day” and Personal Finance Columnist for the Financial Post
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“I recently read a great book by a wonderful Author, Tisa L. Silver, MBA entitled The Time Value of Life.  Tisa was an esteemed finance professor at the University of Delaware’s Alfred E. Lerner College of Business and Economics, and unlike many professors, takes a different (read: refreshing) approach in her view on money.  In her book, she looks at several factors that play into the time value of money and then also explains why our time is so precious.”

Makenzie Kelly
Life Coach and founder of The Freedom Venture Project
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“‘The Time Value of Life’ provides a wonderful method for decision making that values your most precious asset – your time!  Tisa Silver draws upon her vast knowledge from Corporate America, her classroom as a University Professor, and her varied life experience to provide a model for readers to understand that time is more valuable than money.  

You can regain money, but you cannot regain time.  Also, time invested properly can lead to more money and the accomplishments of your life’s goals.  ‘The Time Value of Life’ is educational, engaging, and very personal.  This book contains deep wisdom and should be kept handy as a reference for every important decision that must be considered.  My time was wisely invested in reading this book!”

James LeGrand
Author of “Evolve! Live Spiritually Everyday, Everywhere, and in Every Way”
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